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Teresa and Nathan





Hello! We are Nathan and Teresa. 

We started our lives together with the hopes to one day start a family. After multiple surgeries we have found that to have our own is impossible, but that does not make us lose hope in one day having our dream. Life has a way of surprising you and taking you down a road you didn’t expect. Now going on three years of marriage, it hasn’t stopped us from believing one day we will have a family. We have taken this as an opportunity and given it meaning that there is a child out there we can give an amazing life. 

We both are compassionate by nature which has led both of us into the medical career. We both find it incredibly rewarding and wouldn’t give it up for any other career. When we aren’t working, we love to spend time with family as there is many that live close by. When we aren’t out at the lake fishing or enjoying the outdoors, we are jumping in the car to look for a new small town to discover. 

We also enjoy traveling with our three-year-old Australian shepherd. She is the most outgoing and energized dog, but also loves to be close with family. We can’t wait to have a child to grow alongside her and be a close companion. 

We are very open and would love for you to get to know our family. To learn more https://pickusnt.com/