Matching of Intended Parents and Surrogates:


How Does Matching Occur?

There are a few ways in which Intended Parents can be matched with a surrogate, including:

1) Agency: Intended Parents are screened and qualified by an agency and work with that agency to find a surrogate who meets their requirements.  There are fees associated with using an agency.

2) Internet/Third Party Connection: Some Intended Parents use message boards, Facebook groups, or other support grounds to find a willing surrogate and make the match themselves.

3) Personal connection: Some Intended Parents have a friend, family friend, or a family member willing to act as a surrogate, and come into this process with a known surrogate.

Note: Attorneys representing the Intended Parents or the Surrogate may not broker a match under Washington law.  As such, unlike adoptions where our office can help facilitate matches of prospective adoptive families with birth mothers, we cannot assist in matching Intended Parents with Surrogates.