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Adoption Agency in Spokane


 Adoption is a loving option chosen by women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer psychological, emotional, and financial support for expecting mothers. Loving and caring families hoping to adopt on our website have approved home studies. We hope to walk with you on your adoption journey.


 Featured Adoption of the Month

April 2021

My 4 girls and I were so excited when we were able to finalize the adoption of our sweet girl Laura. I picked Laura up from the hospital at 5 days old and was only suppose to be a short term placement for her. She was going to go live with another family in 2 weeks. Well almost 32 months later she has our last name and although it was a roller coaster the entire time every second of tears, heartache along the way was all worth it. 20 months in to Laura being in my care she was ordered to leave our home. They gave me 2 hours to pack her up and have her ready to move to a fictive kin. Those goodbyes were so hard and I felt that I would never see my baby again, well less than 24 hours Judge A. Ordered her back home to us. That moment was the best and having her home where she belonged was the best. Laura is such a love bug and makes everyone in the house smile and laugh on a daily basis. She is my 5th daughter and I can’t wait to see where life takes her and my other girls.

I am so grateful for Mark Iverson’s office and for helping me through uncomfortable sit downs with bio mom and grandma. For helping me set up an Open Adoption and for being there to welcome my sweet girl in to her forever family.

Being a mom is the best, being Laura’s mom along with my other girls’ is the best thing ever. Forever grateful for my 5 strong, beautiful loving girls.

Featured Family


I am a single mom looking to grow my family through adoption. My family consists of myself, my five year old daughter, a few pets, and a large diverse and loving extended family. My daughter and I love crafting, cooking, dancing, music, being outside, running, hiking, swimming and any other adventure you can name!
My home is located in a suburban community on the north side of Spokane, Washington. I am in a great school district, with all of the shopping we need nearby. We are regularly visited by deer, turkey, quails, squirrels, birds, hummingbirds, and occasionally moose. Day to day friends include several of our neighbors who live in the same cul-de-sac. I am fortunate to have befriended several other mommas who happen to have some awesome kiddos! Together we have picnics, run races, place in the local parks and pools, and just get together at each other’s homes whenever possible.
To whomever is reading my profile, I am humbled by you. My family has been on your side of adoption and we have grown because of it. To be in a position to reciprocate that love at this time fills my heart (and hopefully yours) with hope. I promise to you that I do not take this process lightly, and I would be honored to have the privilege to raise this child. My whole heart is ready to embrace your baby fully into my life. I promise to give your baby all of the opportunities I can possibly give them, and to embrace whatever desires they have. Whether it is arts and crafts, phonics and reading, gymnastics or swimming, school or extra-curricular sports, band or chess club, I will be there to cheer them on every step of the way.
My hope is that the love I have to share radiates out of these pages of my profile. I want to sincerely thank you for taking your time to look through my profile and learn a little bit about my family.
Click here to view my profile to learn more: https://pnwmomma.wixsite.com/hopingtoadopt

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What Our Clients Say

  • We cannot be more thrilled with our choice in working with Mark Iverson's office, and are so in love with our little family!

    Anna & Stefan Avatar
    Anna & Stefan

    Mark was a breeze to work with. He’s very responsive to messages, he outlined the whole process and was incredibly efficient. He came highly recommended by many foster families.

    Chad & Shannon Avatar
    Chad & Shannon

    Our lives have been changed for forever and we are so grateful to Mark and his staff for helping us every step of the way.

    David & Kailee Avatar
    David & Kailee
  • We always felt that the entire team knew and cared about our family, not just as clients but as people.

    James & Mary Avatar
    James & Mary

    Our attorney was cool and so was the judge. We were kind of nervous, but they just asked all of us if we wanted to be adopted. YES OF COURSE!

    Colten (17), Logan (16), Peyton (14), Quentin (13) and Aydun (10) Avatar
    Colten (17), Logan (16), Peyton (14), Quentin (13) and Aydun (10)

    Mark and his staff were extremely supportive and explained everything from completing our home study to creating our adoption profile. We always felt like we were in good hands.

    Jeff & Kasey Avatar
    Jeff & Kasey
  • They were always so responsive, kind, and just went the extra mile to insure everything went smoothly. We also want to say that not only did they treat us wonderfully, but they were also very supportive and helpful to... read more

    Wade & Sarah Avatar
    Wade & Sarah