Adoptive Parents:


Building A Family Through Adoption:

Each adoption is unique.  Attorney Mark R. Iverson and his staff at Adoption and Guardianship Services are devoted to assisting prospective parents in determining the type of adoption that meets each family’s needs and then offers support and guidance through the process. The process is a journey, one that has resulted in Mark Iverson and his wife adopting three children.  Mr. Iverson’s personal and legal experience offer a unique perspective. 

The process can initially be confusing. There are a number of options to consider. And there are certainly some options that should be avoided.  Mark R. Iverson offers a free consultation to review your particular needs and give you an overview of all the different ways to adopt a child.

Find A Birth Mother

For those interested in a private adoption, there are birth mothers who are seeking loving homes for their child. The birth mother chooses a family from a pool of qualified prospective adoptive families. To qualify as prospective adoptive parents, a couple must obtain a home study and be recommended for adoption.  Please contact us to learn more about how to qualify to be prospective adoptive parents.

Free Consultation

Mark R. Iverson is available to answer any questions during a free consultation. Contact us at 509-462-3678 or 800-338-8273 or via email at