Agency Adoption:


What Is an Agency Adoption?

There are a number of different agencies which provide a wide range of adoption services. For infant adoption, most agencies practice openness and have the birth parent(s) select the adoptive parents and meet with them. The adoptive parents and birth mother may agree to limited contact between the birth mother and child once the adoption is finalized. Agencies charge placement fees to adoptive parents which vary according to family income and the special needs of the child. Agencies are also able to offer foster care services for children and a variety of home study services. Agencies provide free and professional counseling to birth parents and their families. Check with the specific agency for the services they provide.

In an agency adoption, the formal custody transfer is from the birth mother to the agency, and then to the adoptive parents at finalization. Finalization occurs after the post-placement visit and report, and is usually completed within one to six months.

Attorney Services

An attorney referred by the agency performs the legal work necessary to terminate the parental rights of the birth parents. The adoptive couple may retain the same attorney to finalize the adoption.

Adoption Agencies in Washington and Idaho

If you are interested in adopting a child through an agency, you may want to consider doing so locally.  We recommend the following agencies:

  • Washington:
    If you would like to speak with the director of a Washington licensed child placing agency, you may contact Nancy Johnson, MSW, at Adoption Services of Spokane at (509) 328-6274 or 24-Hour Cell: (509) 863-4640 (Spokane, Washington) or Toll Free: (800) 828-6274. 
  • Idaho:
    If you would like to speak with the director of an Idaho licensed child placing agency, you may contact Donna Euler, MEd, at Idaho Youth Ranch, (208) 667-1898, Email:

Free Consultation

If you are working with an agency and require legal services for the termination of parental rights or the finalization of the adoption and would like to speak with an attorney, please contact us.