Adult Adoption:


Many people are not aware that an adult may be adopted by another adult.  Our office has extensive experience completing adult adoptions for families.

What Is an Adult Adoption?

When there is an adult who plays a significant role in a child’s life, the child, upon becoming an adult, may desire to formally recognize the parent/child relationship by completing an adult adoption. The adoption proceeding is a very joyous occasion which celebrates a relationship that, in many cases, has existed for years. There may also be estate planning reasons to complete an adult adoption.

Legal Process in Washington

Parental rights of the birth parents are not terminated in an adult adoption. A new birth certificate is issued with the adoptive parent(s) listed as the parent.  The adult adoptee may change their name if they choose to do so.

It is not necessary to give notice to the birth parents that an adoption is taking place.  Some adult adoptees choose to inform their birth parents of the legal relationship established with their adoptive parent, but such notice is not necessary.

Legal Process in Idaho

Adult adoption is also recognized in the state of Idaho. The prospective adoptive parent must show the existence of a parent/child relationship for more than one year while the adult adoptee was a minor or, if less than one year, show through an investigation that a substantial family relationship has been created. As in Washington no notice to the birth parents is necessary because parental rights are not terminated. A new birth certificate is issued and the adult adoptee may change their name if they choose to do so.

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Do I Need to Give Notice to My Birth Parents That I Am Being Adopted?

It is not necessary to give notice to birth parents when you are being adopted as an adult.  The birth parents’ rights are not terminated.  You become the child of the adoptive parent(s) and remain the child of your birth parents.

Can I Change My Name?

Yes.  A  new birth certificate is issued reflecting your new name.  A name change however is not required.

What Is the Legal Process?

Adoption paperwork is prepared and an adoption hearing takes place at the Courthouse before a judge.  You can participate in the adoption by phone if it would be an inconvenience to attend the hearing.

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