Becoming an Intended Parent:


To qualify as an Intended Parent under a Washington State Surrogacy law, both intended parents must:

a) Be over the age of 21; 

b) Complete a medical exam related to the surrogacy by a licensed medical doctor;

c) Complete a mental health consultation  by a licensed mental health professional; and 

d) Have independent legal counsel (independent from the surrogate’s counsel).

Typically, the fertility clinic chosen by the Intended Parents will complete both the medical and mental health exams. However, if that facility does not perform mental health exams, our office can assist you in finding an appropriate provider.

If you are interested in building your family through surrogacy, please contact Mr. Iverson for a free consultation.  Mr. Iverson is available at (509) 462-3678 or toll free at 1(800) 338-8273.  He can also be reached via email at