Guardianship Services:


Guardianship Services For Families

Mark R. Iverson offers assistance to families in the area of guardianship. A guardianship action is filed for a number of reasons. Guardianship is normally filed on behalf of an alleged incapacitated adult.  A family member or other suitable individual becomes the guardian and is able to make personal and financial decisions on behalf of the incapacitated adult.  If a family member or other suitable individual is not available, a professional guardian is appointed.

There are also situations where it is necessary to establish a guardianship on behalf of a minor.  For instance, if a minor moves to the home of another family member or friends, it will be necessary to establish a guardianship so that personal, medical and education decisions can be made by the guardian. It is also necessary for a family to file a guardianship if a minor child is about to become an adult (18 years old) and is unable to live independently and is unable to make personal and financial decisions.

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Representation of Professional Guardians

It is important for a professional guardian to have an ongoing relationship with an attorney with expertise in the area of guardianship.  There are a number of legal issues that arise for a professional guardian when representing an incapacitated person.  Mark R. Iverson meets with clients to review cases on a monthly basis.  Staff members are available to provide annual accountings at a reduced paralegal rate. Mr. Iverson and staff are available to answer questions on a daily basis.

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