September 2021


Well, here we are again! This time the adoption was for Boston, our oldest and Jaxtyn’s biological half-brother. They are both my cousin’s kids. Except Boston was sent to live with other family, in hopes he would be taken care of. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Boston endured 3 years of physical and mental abuse. His living situations were also very poor and he rarely had supervision. 

We got involved right after he turned three years old in April 2018. We had been talking with his previous legal guardian about plans for him to get to my husband and I. When we were finally able to gain custody of him, we quickly realized that Boston had a lot of trauma, a lot of pain and trust issues. But the moment I got him I knew he was meant to be with us. 

I took the steps and contacted his social worker in California and advised her of what happened (his guardian brought him across state lines and gave us custody). Once I had everything situated, I went down to the courthouse and filed for an Ex Parte Guardianship. Once I had that completed, we worked with his lawyer in Nevada to get the adoption completed. Unfortunately, that took almost two years for them to declare the birth mother too had abandoned him.  We were then able to proceed with the adoption. At that time, we moved from Nevada back up here to Spokane. Since Mark and his team worked so hard for our family with Jaxtyn’s adoption we naturally chose them to complete the final stages of Boston’s adoption. 

Mark and his team truly care about you and make you feel like family. I’m beyond grateful to him and his team for all the hard work they have done for my family.