September 2020



After two and a half years of infertility and the heartache of unexpected challenges that it can bring, we took a leap into adoption. Although we had always desired to adopt, we didn’t know we would adopt our first child. But God always has better plans!  

After lots of prayer and discussion with family members and trusted friends, we were a full “go” on domestic infant adoption by May 2019.  We were flooded with peace and excitement the moment we gave our hearts fully to adoption. Our longing to become parents was not an “if” but now a “when.”

We began working with our agency, Adoption Services of Spokane, in June 2019. By July we completed our home study, and by mid-August we drove five hours to Spokane to meet with our agency. We were officially in the waiting pool September 1st! Although there were moments when waiting for “the call” felt like years, sure enough on January 30th we received news that changed our lives forever. A birth mom had chosen us to be adoptive parents!

After meeting with the birth mom in February and spending the weekend with her early March, our baby girl was born on March 21st, 2020. We are so thankful for the courageous and selfless act of the birthmother, and we are proud, happy parents to a beautiful little girl who makes our hearts absolutely come undone! Our lives are forever changed, and we would do this entire journey endless amounts of times for her!

Mark Iverson and his associates were extremely helpful after the birth and through finalization. They answered our questions, exuded patience through the process, and despite the finalization happening over the phone due to COVID-19, they made the official “Adoption Day” very special. We are grateful for their experience, knowledge, and kindness throughout the process.