September 2019


Our adoption journey began 2.5yrs ago when my twin sister contacted me and asked me to take her 10 week old baby girl and 1.5yr old son in and foster them. Without any hesitation I told her we would take them. We already had 3 little kids of our own so it grew our family from 5 to 7. Then in November 2018 there mother had another baby boy who was taken at birth and we took him in to our family cause what’s one more child right lol. I couldn’t say no to him though as I was there through the whole labor and birth. As we sit as a family of 8 now. The 2 older children did not get to return home and we were asked if we would like to adopt them which without hesitation we said “YES.” We were given a list of adoption attorneys and asked to research and call them. I did my research and I chose Mark Iverson as he had great reviews. I am so glad we chose him because he is a great attorney and very easy to work with. The new baby will soon need adoption also and we are definitely going to go with Mark as our adoption attorney again. Thank you Mark for everything we really appreciate everything you have done for us. 

Peighton and Anthony we’re adopted 06/21/2019