October 2022


Mr. Mark Iverson and his team were incredibly helpful during what could have been a stressful situation. They were kind, professional, and handled us with care as they walked us through the adoption process.October 2022 Adoption of the Month Mr. Iverson and his team have been phenomenal for both of our unique adoptions. Our first adoption was our son, Bennett. He was just an infant and although we did not have plans to adopt, one phone call
changed everything! With very little notice, Mr. Iverson and his team helped to make this happen and were with us every step of the way.  Bennett is now 4 1/2 and is such a joy to our family! This last summer, we once again had the pleasure of working with Mr. Iverson and Sarah Iverson for a stepparent adoption. This was for my son, Nolan, age 11. My husband, Dan, and I met when Nolan was just a little over a year old and Nolan is without a doubt Dan’s son. This step offered security for Nolan and Dan’s relationship and Nolan was very happy to officially have the same last name as his family! We are so thankful for Mr. Iverson and Sarah for making both of these processes seamless and taking the time to develop a relationship with our family. We give them our highest recommendation and are so
thankful to have a local office that specializes in adoptions! Every question that we had was answered clearly and in a timely manner. Sarah was incredible as well! We are very thankful for everything that was done for our family!