October 2019


After I got divorced in 2016, I decided to pursue my dream of fostering as a single mom.  My older children (now 16 and 18) were fully on board and we anxiously awaited our first placement.  I was only supposed to have my boys 20 days, but the case continued on, and it became apparent that the boys would not be able to go home.  I wasn’t sure I could commit, due to their medical and psychological needs.  After much prayer and thought, I decided that I could commit to these boys forever, and my older children agreed.  We began discussing adoption with the boys and our case was moved to the adoption unit.  Mark and his office were very helpful throughout the whole process, helping us come up with an open adoption agreement that was best for everyone involved.  Adoption is hard for these kids, and it was met with joy and sadness.  I’ve committed to them that we will continue to have an open relationship with their first mom, whom they love dearly.  They boys are happy, secure and loved.  I am thrilled to be their forever mom.  Thank you!