Novemeber 2019


We had a wonderful experience with Mark Iverson and his staff. From the very first phone call inquiring their services for Step parent adoption all the way to adoption day everyone was very friendly and easy to work with. 

My husband and I had discussed him adopting my son in the past. Then we found out his biological father could possibly get rights to see him once he was released from prison. Mark Iverson came highly recommend from another attorney. I called his office to set up a consult and was told he has an opening right then if I would like to do a phone consult. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I spoke with Mark and he listened to my story and gave me all the information I needed to make our decision to move forward with the adoption easy. I paid my deposit that day and got the ball rolling. Mark let me know from the very beginning that it might be a bigger fight for the adoption since the biological father is in prison. Mark had the biological father served and we never heard from him. Mark went to court for the termination and we were so scared the biological father would show up and fight the adoption. That day after what seemed like the longest wait We got an email that the biological father didn’t show up or fight it in anyway. We were so relieved and so excited. We had a surprise Adoption shower for my husband with friends and family since my son was going to be his first child. A week later we went to court and made the adoption official. That was an amazing experience for our family. We are all excited to be one big official family but even more excited that our son is now safe for the rest of his life. Big thanks to Mark and his staff for such an amazing journey.