November 2018


Wesley and Journey started off as foster children that longed for stability. From the beginning of them entering foster care, we attended every meeting, kept up on them, and pursued every course of action it took for them to be placed in our home. After months of fighting, they were finally placed in our home. In the beginning it was supposed to be a temporary situation, Wesley knew who his parents were and it was a very confusing time for him. After much time went by, our temporary situation turned permanent. We found ourselves growing together and molding into a family of our own. We had always strived to ensure Wesley and Journey were going to have the best childhood that we could give them, so when the news came that we could pursue adoption we became ecstatic because now our worries were no more. They were going to be forever ours. We anxiously awaited our adoption day. Wesley began writing his new last name, and even bragging about it at school when he made the decision to take our last name. They have completed our family, they are our missing pieces that we are forever thankful to have. Our once family of 3 officially became 5 on July 26, 2018.