May 2018


Our names are Colten, Logan, Peyton, Quentin, and Aydun and we are the Williamson Boys! We are now ALL the Williamson Family and have recently completed our Step-Parent Adoption on January 24, 2018. This adoption took a long time, but it was worth it!

We are very excited to share our story! Some background on our family, there are eight children!! Yes, they are all biological (we get asked that a LOT)! Johnnie and Brandy blended their families after their marriage and the result was seven boys and one girl. Dad had our brother and sister from a previous marriage; they are grown up though so they don’t live with us. Mom had us and later, after she married our dad, we got our baby brother. JD is his name and he is adorable, but thinks he is a dinosaur because he is three! So, there are six boys left at home and yes, we eat a LOT (we get asked that a LOT too)!

We have a great family and for us, the adoption was the next step. We already have our dad, we have our family, but we all wanted the same last name. Some of us just did not want to carry our biological father’s name anymore, but that isn’t all. We love our dad, John, and we just want to belong the rest of the way to him if that makes sense? Our mom and dad treat us the same, everything is about being fair in our household, but we wanted to be able to say that we are Williamson’s. Thinking back on it, we actually brought the idea up to them after a year of them being married. My mom didn’t want us rushing into that decision because we were younger, but we knew what we wanted and didn’t change our minds!

We talked about being adopted all of the time, what our new name would be, and why we wanted it. Our grandparents kept asking when mom and dad were going to do it, their friends kept asking, we kept asking, and finally they said we were doing it!!!

Our attorney was cool and so was the judge. We were kind of nervous, but they just asked all of us if we wanted to be adopted. YES OF COURSE! The judge reminded dad that he can’t give us back, dad later said that it was a smart question, but not necessary for him because he wanted to be our dad whether we got adopted or not.  Then it was all done! We took pictures and the judge made jokes about how he needed to be the best looking in the pictures, it was great! One of the best parts of the day had to be going out for hamburgers at Dick’s afterwards! Food is important to us!!

Our lives haven’t changed too much since the adoption, but things feel a little different. We had to learn how to spell our new names, that was easier than we thought! We had to tell our teachers about our adoption, they were so excited! Grandma and Grandpa made us a big meal and we got called the Williamson Family a lot, which was cool!

Overall, we can’t really say how much it has changed our lives. It’s changed everything and nothing. Everything is better! Now we don’t have to say Step at all, it is just Dad. That is probably the best part!

Thanks Mr Iverson!

The Williamson Boys

Colten, Logan, Peyton, Quentin, and Aydun