May 2017


My wife Kelli and I’s journey towards adoption has been a long one!  A couple years ago, while living in Spokane, we took in a foster child when she was nine months old and had every intention of adopting her.  Shortly after her second birthday though she was sent back to her birth mom and we were back to square one.  We moved over to Coeur D Alene last fall and it didn’t take long before we were matched with a birth mother!  We had no idea how the process worked here in Idaho so we enlisted the help of Mark and his team, thankfully they knew exactly how to proceed and in no time at all the paperwork was in the works!  We began attending the doctor’s appointments with the birth mom and at one of the ultrasounds they noticed a coarctation of his aorta, this meant the baby would be born over in Spokane and sent directly into the NICU for observation and possible heart surgery within his first few days of life.  Our baby boy, Van, arrived ten days earlier than expected and as planned, was under observation immediately.  He looked pretty healthy overall, but when the cardiologist read his first echo the coartation was still there.  On day three Van had his third echo of his heart and to everyone’s surprise the coarctation had disappeared!  This was nothing short of a miracle!  Seven days later, after he was eating good enough to not need monitored, Van was released from the hospital.  He truly has been the greatest blessing we could ever have asked for, worth every minute of the wait!