March 2021


Me and my three children went through a very bad domestic violence situation with my ex-husband and after over two years of court proceedings, it is finally over. My ex-husband voluntarily signed over his parental rights for my two youngest. My fiancé loves Kya and Conley so much and knew immediately that he wanted them to be his children. The kids and I had been through a lot with my ex and having John (my fiancé) was everything they ever needed in a father and friend. They had never received that kind of love or care from their biological father, and it was truly a blessing that things worked out like they did. Kya and Conley have been so excited and were anxious to tell their friends their new last name. 

Mark and Sarah were so helpful and caring during this process. They did have to deal with a very “difficult” and volatile opposing attorney but did so professionally. This adoption process took longer than expected for several reasons, especially since my children are enrolled Native American. We are so thankful to Mark and Sarah for all the times they went above and beyond for our family. It was so great meeting them in person at the courthouse after having retained them nearly a year prior! I would highly recommend Mark Iverson and really want to commend Sarah Iverson for her professionalism and courteousness during the adoption process.