March 2019


Having completed 4 separate adoptions over the years, sometimes it feels like we’re always in the middle of the “process”!  After our oldest son was born with Cystic Fibrosis, my husband and I learned we are both carriers of this genetic condition, and we felt moved to add to our family through adoption.  Working with a local adoption agency and Mark Iverson’s office, our next sweet son came into our lives quickly!  Although he lives with significant physical and developmental challenges, his joy, laughter and perseverance demonstrate the beauty of slowing down and enjoying all of life’s little moments and accomplishments.

We thought perhaps our 2 boys had completed our family; however, God was working behind the scenes on our behalf, and we were contacted out of the blue to see if we were interested in adopting a little girl that was about to be delivered.  Yes, we were!  Our adoption agency and Mark Iverson’s office again worked together to finalize our adoption in record timing.

Our next 2 daughters came to us through separate guardianship adoptions through the state.  Our delightful little girls are all biological sisters.  These adoption experiences came with so many hurdles and delays, but in both instances, when the state finally deemed them legally free to adopt, everyone at Mark Iverson’s office worked so quickly to get our finalizations to court.  Halleluiah!

Each adoption is so unique and we appreciate the guidance from Mark Iverson’s office helping us to navigate the many moving parts and the encouragement to remain hopeful when challenges arose.  We feel so thankful and blessed for the precious kids God has joined in our family!