March 2018



When I met my husband David in 2014 I was a single mom to a beautiful little girl named Hayden. Hayden had just turned 4 when I met David and she just fell in love with him instantly and so did I. David was the first man we were around who cared about our well being and did everything he could to make us both smile. After our first date David and I were inseparable and it meant so much to me that he involved Hayden in everything we did. The three of us ended up moving to Spokane together and 8 months later David and I got married. We knew at that point that we wanted to do a step parent adoption for Hayden so that David who is the only father she’s ever known could legally be her dad and her last name could be changed to match ours. We welcomed another beautiful little girl into our lives in November of 2015. Hayden was so excited to be a big sister and it became more urgent for us to get the adoption done for her. She wanted so badly to have the same last name as her sister and for her daddy David to legally be what he’s always been. Thanks to Mark Iverson and his amazing staff we were able to get this done for her in January 2018. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but the picture of us together at court could never portray the amount of joy and happiness we all felt that day. Our lives have been changed for forever and we are so grateful to Mark and his staff for helping us every step of the way.