March 2017



Connor entered the picture shortly after Brogan’s first birthday. We were both single at the time, he attending college, and I in trade school. He fell in love with both me and my son, and has been his father ever since. We always knew we wanted to go through the adoption process being that Brogan’s biological father had never been involved. Connor put so much effort into parenting, even when he had no obligation to, and deserved recognition as his dad in every respect. There was no question that we wanted to make everything official once we were married.

Brogan is four years old. He is in his second year of Preschool, and is so eager to learn. He loves swimming in the lake, reading, and action figures. He is so smart it scares us sometimes J Brogan was very excited “to get married” and become a family. He even got his own ring. The fundamentals of our familial relationship never changed, we have always been a family and Brogan never viewed Connor as anything other than “Daddy”. What a relief it was to have confirmation from the court as well.

The adoption process was much quicker than I had imagined. We were nervous, of course, imagining every possible scenario and how we would handle the different outcomes. Mark Iverson and his staff were incredibly accommodating and were able to respond to all of our questions in a timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Mark to anyone interested in adopting, as he was very knowledgeable and efficient.

We could not be happier with the outcome of our adoption and would like to express our utmost gratitude towards Mr. Iverson and his staff.