June 2018


We started fostering in 2016 and we had no intention of adopting, we just wanted to open our home and hearts to children in need. I remember the day we got the call for Mikey. I was so excited to take care of a baby boy. He was absolutely beautiful, full head of hair and bright eyes. He was 3 weeks old when he came home to us, he’s now 21 months. My girls, Chad and I were in love right from the start. I kept having to remind myself that we were here to help him, keep him safe and full of love until he goes home to family. I’m not going to lie, this was the hardest 576 days of my life. I remember rocking him to sleep and tears would pour down my face because I would start to have the feeling he was my baby, then would realize he wasn’t. Mikey didn’t have many visits with parents and family did come forward but didn’t work out. We were always very supportive of all family and wanted to be a part of Mikey’s life forever if he did leave our home. We have an open adoption with Mikey’s birth father and it makes my heart happy to know he trusts us with him. I honestly cannot imagine our lives without Mikey. We love him so much, he’s such a blessing and we feel so lucky to call ourselves his parents. He fits perfectly into our wild little family. Once we moved to the adoption unit, things started to progress pretty fast.  Mark was a breeze to work with. He’s very responsive to messages, he outlined the whole process and was incredibly efficient. He came highly recommended by many foster families.