July 2019



Our story started a few days before my grandson turned 3 months old. CPS called and asked me if I would be a willing placement for him, to which I didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes!”. I always held hope for their situation so his parents and he could be reunited, but that day never came. He was placed with me on the day he turned 3 months old, and our story officially began. I haven’t cared for a baby in quite some time, and was out of the “parent” loop for about 30 years. Everything I thought I would remember, quickly turned into a relearning process. Bathing a young infant, for instance, was something I had to relearn how to do. I had daughters and no boys, during my prime. Here we were, my grandson taken away from his parents and placed with a woman he didn’t know and had only met once when he was born. He was sweet and very attentive when I would talk to him. He centered on every word I said, and watched every move I made. He was a great little smiler, and warmed everyone’s heart who met him, from that day on.  

He grew quickly, reaching many firsts which have quickly become lasts. We have been able to maintain our snuggle time in the evenings, even to this day. I have been able to be here for every first he’s had. First time experiencing a bottle. First time using a spoon. First time in pullups and getting to transition from his crib to a ‘big boy’ bed. He now has 20 teeth, no longer has a binky, has an uncountable vocabulary and pretends with his toys. He has many things that have disappeared just through growth, but I am proud to have been there for the first day and for those last ones, and am blessed to watch him grow. 

Fast forward to March, 2019. The home study was completed and approved. His adoption social worker submitted all necessary paperwork to proceed with the adoption. On one Sunday, Mark called me to set up an appointment to sign papers, and scheduled our official day, less than one week later. On March 23, 2019, my beautiful boy became my son. Even though this has always been “home” for him, it was the first day there wasn’t the threat that he could be removed. He was in limbo, every day from the time he was placed with me at 3 months old, until our adoption day. On Thursday, it was official… my son was finally officially home. I am a mommy and a grandma. I am a friend and a playmate. I am a bar-maid and a teacher… but the most important and wonderful title I have is: Momma 

There’s nothing more precious than that!  

Mark Iverson made the adoption experience very special for us. I wish he was able to really get to know the families he is helping, as I am sure he would like to. Mark is someone who visibly loves his job, and loves helping families in their adoption. I would recommend him to anyone.  

Thank you, Mark! You’re amazing 😊