July 2018


We have been on quite the journey over the past four years in hopes of adding a child to our family through adoption.  Doing the research to figure out where to turn for help in the beginning was daunting and in 2014 when we decided on an out-of-state Adoption Facilitator the roller coaster ride began. After being “matched” several times and experiencing two failed adoptions, one in which we flew half-way across the country to be there for the birth, we began to question the journey we were on and considered giving up altogether.  After taking a short break we decided to keep trying, and with receiving very little support and communication from the Adoption Facilitator we knew we wanted to look into other options for Adoption Professionals near us. That’s when we turned to Mark Iverson and his amazing staff for help.  After a very short period of being listed as one of their approved families, a call came in on a Saturday afternoon from Mark’s Office, it was Christine and she told us we’d been chosen by a Mother who had given birth that morning. She asked, “How soon can you be on the road?”  Our answer: “15 minutes,” and we were!  Within two hours we were holding our beautiful son Jackson and we brought him home from the Hospital the next day.  His adoption was finalized less than two months later.  There are no words to explain how happy we are to have this wonderful little boy in our lives.  He is so loved by us, his extended family and so many people in our Community it’s just amazing.  He’s so adorable and we feel so lucky to be his parents.  This story could not have happened without Mark Iverson and his staff, especially Christine who is a Saint in our eyes.  They were always so responsive, kind, and just went the extra mile to insure everything went smoothly.  We also want to say that not only did they treat us wonderfully, but they were also very supportive and helpful to our baby’s sweet birth mother who made the courageous choice to give Jackson a stable and loving home.  We have a wonderful open adoption and share photos and updates with her.  We are forever grateful to you all!