July 2017


My father was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2015 and he had a two year old son named Easton, my half brother. A few months later, Easton’s mom died unexpectedly in the beginning of March 2016. Before our father passed away of cancer just twelve days later, he signed over custody of Easton to Tim and me. To us, the decision was a simple one: This little boy needed a family and we knew he belonged with us. Easton moved from Michigan to Washington to live with us and our four young daughters. He fit in perfectly – he was the son we always wanted! His sisters have enjoyed learning how to get dirty and Easton has enjoyed having so many playmates. He’s brought more love, laughter, and energy into our little circus and we feel very blessed that he’s ours forever. Tim and I always knew we wanted to adopt, we just weren’t sure when it would happen. Easton fell into our laps unexpectedly but oddly enough, it feels like he was always meant to be ours from the beginning.