January 2018



Our adoption journey started in 2014 when became licensed foster parents. We found out about our sweet little boy Sawyer when he was 2 months old from our social worker. He was in the NICU at Sacred Heart. He had been born a 1lb. 2 oz preemie. The first time we visited him we knew he would be ours forever. We visited him every day in the hospital so he would know how much we loved him already. He spent 4 months in there until we brought him home March 2015. He has had a lot of medical issues and illnesses but he is a fighter and is our little miracle. After 3 long years on December 27, 2017 our son was officially ours even though in our hearts he has been ours all along. We are so happy to have been given the honor to be Sawyer’s family. Words cannot describe how much he is loved by our family and his brothers and sisters. It has been great working with Mark Iverson for our adoption. We want to thank him so much for giving us the best Christmas ever this year! We couldn’t imagine our lives without his precious little boy!