February 2020


We would love to share our adoption story with you.  Here goes…When Eric and I got married, we wanted to blend our family in every way.  He has two sons and I have 2 daughters.  We lived in south Georgia and things were hard there, the job market was not good and the minimum wage was under 7$/hr.  How were we going to make it and have Eric adopt my children?  So, we waited, and waited, and waited.  We later moved here to Spokane, Wa and we began to thrive.  We have amazing careers, Eric and I began working on our degrees, and by this time my daughters had graduated high school. They must have been thinking of this as they both came to Eric and I asked if we could work on the adoption.  Eric was filled with joy and admiration.  On his birthday in June 2019, the girls presented him with a piece of art that had hands that covered the page and a note to him stating their intent of wanting him to adopt them.  He was moved to tears.  After that, I had been looking into adoption places, etc…I ran into someone that I know that would be able to get me started and she led me to Jill.  I emailed Jill…and once she got all of the information her and Mark were on the job!!! It was less than 2 weeks from then until the adoption date!!  Mark Iverson and his legal treated my family with dignity and respect.  They were so efficient and handled everything while keeping us in the loop.  We are all so thankful and grateful.  Blessings from the Blunt Family!!!