Februrary 2019



We knew we always wanted to have kids. Through cancer treatments, and through fertility treatments, we knew in our hearts that adoption was our path. The beginning of our adoption story started with a phone call from Marks Iverson’s office. His staff told us that a wonderful expecting mother had asked to meet us. We were so excited, and everyone around us was so supportive that we were able to drop everything and go meet her. She might have been even more nervous than we were, but after a couple of minutes, all the jitters had settled and we were only three weeks away from a beautiful baby boy.

Here we are, almost nine months later and we still look back on the day we met our son’s birthmom with joy. We feel so fortunate to have experienced such a great connection, and of course the amazing son we love so much. Our family feels like it couldn’t be more perfect than it is. We can’t thank Mark and his staff enough for everything they did.