December 2017


We are Payton, Jaxson and Grayson Brooks.  Last year our parents sat us down and told us they have been thinking about adopting another child and growing our family and ask us all how we all felt about it.  We all spent the next few days talking about it.  We talked about everything, age, gender, disabilities, even adoption vs. fostering a child.  We all decided that we are all on board with adopting. My brothers and I really wanted a baby sister and our parents agreed.

For the next few months we were busy with paperwork, creating profiles, meeting with a home study lady.  Then we waited.  My parents told us about several situations and we put in for several but didn’t get picked.  I remember us all being sad nobody was picking us and then one day someone picked us.  In July my parents went to Florida but didn’t get to bring our sister home.  Mom said it wasn’t meant to be.  We were all pretty upset but after a few days we decided we were going to keep trying for a sister.  Mom was pretty upset from the failed adoption and wanted to give up at times but dad stayed positive and we all convinced her that our sister was out there we just had to be patient.

In October Emeries birth mother called and said she was born.  Our parents flew to Illinois that day and when we got home from school we got to facetime Emerie.  She was so pretty and small.  The crazy thing is she looked like us.  We love our sister so much and have all three taken a vow to protect her forever.  We never really knew how much we needed her until she got here. Our sister brought a lot of extra love to our family and we are very happy.