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Eric and Brandi

Eric is a registered nurse and works in the operating room.  He finds his job so rewarding and loves to help people, which makes him a favorite among his patients.   Eric recently went on a volunteer mission trip to the Marshall Islands and found it to be a humbling experience and plans to go back as much as he can to help those in need.  He is a very caring individual and a great role model.  Brandi works part-time as a real estate assistant.  She even has the ability to work from home a lot of the time, which gives her the flexibility to always be there for their children.  She is funny and outgoing and loves being a mom more than anything.   Brandi and Eric have both volunteered at the schools over the years, chaperoning field trips, helping out at special events, and Eric was the head golf coach for a couple of years at the local academy.

 We have 4 amazing boys, who we are so incredibly proud of.  The 3 oldest boys are grown and on their own now.  They are such kind hearted, fun, and loving young men.  They all live close by, so we see them quite often during the week, but we make a point to get together once a week to have a big family dinner where everyone can catch up.  It has been our dream for many years to have a little girl and we are hoping to fulfill this dream through adoption.  Our youngest, Chance, can’t wait to be a big brother.  He is so kind and patient with all the little ones we have around us.   We love spending time together as a family, whether it be going to the mountains to camp or hike, going to the river to go fishing, we just love to be together.  We have a special place in our heart for animals too, so there are some very spoiled dogs and cats in our large 4 bedroom house, as well as a couple of bunnies.

We have quite an extended family who are so very excited to have a new little one joining us.  Besides having a mom and dad and 4 big brothers to shower her with love and attention, our child will know love from great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a whole bunch of cousins which include 2 little girls who are both a year old, so playmates will always be close by.

Thank you for considering us in your search to find the right family for you.