August 2019


Where do we begin?  We have fostered “Bubbles” since the day she was released from the hospital on February 18, 2016.  We were asked to foster her as we had already adopted her biological sister 3 years prior.  In these past almost 3 years we have had our share of trials and tribulations. But when we finally got the word that we were proceeding with the adoption, we called Mark Iverson’s office. From day one of communicating with his office we were impressed with how friendly and professional he and his staff were. We confirmed all the information over the phone and made an appointment to go down to the office to sign papers. Talk about being excited and being nervous at the same time! But with Mark’s guidance, we made it through. We would like to thank Mark Iverson and his staff for making this exciting part of our lives go as smoothly with all our emotions running wild. “Bubbles” has completed our family and we would not have it any other way.