April 2020


There is no amount of gratitude that I can give to Mark Iverson and his team for finally closing a long and frustrating chapter and giving us the joy of family. 

My husband and I discussed him adopting my daughter many times throughout our relationship. Jesse has been the only father in Lydia’s life since birth. 

With the new year starting once again we decided to reach out to my ex and see if he would be willing to give up his legal rights to Lydia so she could finally have the father she deserves in all aspects. This being the 5th attempt through legal actions I was running low on hope that this adoption would ever happen. My ex has a habit of never answering an email, call, letter or even showing up to court when ordered, so this has made the road to Lydia’s adoption a very long, emotional and financially burdening process for my family and I.  And then…Mark happened, his name was given to us and he was exactly what we needed to make our family complete. Where others have failed, Mark succeeded and within a few short weeks after years of fighting, Jesse was able to adopt Lydia. Even now thinking about back on Jesse’s and Lydia’s big day brings me to tears.