April 2018


Our amazing twins joined our family in April of 2016. We had originally been their aunt and uncle and decided that we wanted to help them as foster parents during a time of trauma and transition in their birth family. As months turned into seasons and seasons turned into a year and more, we moved from being a foster family to being just a family. We were busy raising all five of our children, hoping that some day we might be able to have some conclusion to our situation. When the time came where we learned that we would get to be a forever family–not foster parents, not aunt and uncle, but mom and dad–we wanted an attorney who was capable of handling the gift of forever that our family had been given. Mark Iverson and his entire team was unfailingly professional and helpful. The adoption itself, from initial paperwork to finalization at the courthouse, took less than two months–a testament to how amazing and effective Mark and his team are. We always felt that the entire team knew and cared about our family, not just as clients but as people. Thank you, Mark, Christine, and the entire team for helping to make our family complete.