April 2021


My 4 girls and I were so excited when we were able to finalize the adoption of our sweet girl Laura. I picked Laura up from the hospital at 5 days old and was only suppose to be a short term placement for her. She was going to go live with another family in 2 weeks. Well almost 32 months later she has our last name and although it was a roller coaster the entire time every second of tears, heartache along the way was all worth it. 20 months in to Laura being in my care she was ordered to leave our home. They gave me 2 hours to pack her up and have her ready to move to a fictive kin. Those goodbyes were so hard and I felt that I would never see my baby again, well less than 24 hours Judge A. Ordered her back home to us. That moment was the best and having her home where she belonged was the best. Laura is such a love bug and makes everyone in the house smile and laugh on a daily basis. She is my 5th daughter and I can’t wait to see where life takes her and my other girls.

I am so grateful for Mark Iverson’s office and for helping me through uncomfortable sit downs with bio mom and grandma. For helping me set up an Open Adoption and for being there to welcome my sweet girl in to her forever family.

Being a mom is the best, being Laura’s mom along with my other girls’ is the best thing ever. Forever grateful for my 5 strong, beautiful loving girls.