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Pori and Bimbi



Hello! We are Pori and Bimbi and we live in Pullman, Washington.  Both of us work as professors at Washington State University. We live with our dog and cat named Calvin and Hobbes. We have always wanted to have a family of our own and have been dreaming about starting our family. We promise a nurturing home where your child will grow up with warm home-cooked meals, pets, music, books, art, curiosity, laughter, and joy. We promise to support, encourage, and nurture the development of his/her personality every single step of the way.

Pori is very passionate about what she does—whether it’s teaching in the University, research work, hobbies, or taking care of Calvin and Hobbes. Pori cooks delicious meals and likes to refer to Bimbi as her “sous-chef”! Bimbi is the goofball in the family and loves pranks and general silliness. He also loves his job and enjoys his conversations with students. We both grew up in extended family environments with lots of cousins and loving family members. We love the outdoors and often go on hikes with Calvin and Hobbes. We also love to travel together, explore different cultures, try new foods, and make memories. We have traveled to many countries and traveling reminds us that human beings have more things in common than our differences.

We have had a lot of great times as a couple and we are ready for the next chapter. We cannot wait to share the love and laughter in our lives with the little one. We are incredibly honored and grateful that you are considering us. Please trust us that your child will grow up with unconditional love and support. If you choose us, please know that we will forever be grateful to you. We will always honor and respect your wishes. We are both loving, fun, creative, and kind and we can’t wait to be parents. Thank you for taking the time to know us. Please check out our adoption website to learn more: https://porismita.wixsite.com/adoptionpb