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Melissa and Clay


Hello! We are Melissa and Clay, we live in Eastern Washington. If you are considering an adoption plan for your child we are humbled to be considered as prospective parents. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about us and our life together. The two of us are excited to grow our family by way of adoption, we are ready to share our life with children. 

We were both born in Illinois and raised in the Chicago suburbs. To many people’s surprise we attended the same school together kindergarten thru high school, always knowing of each other but not friends until later in high school. We attended our senior prom together and decided to give dating a chance even though we had plans of attending colleges 9 hours apart. Defying the odds, we continued to date long distance all throughout college years and Melissa’s professional school program (7 years total). We thank this time and distance in building our depth of friendship. In June 2014, we married and moved to Denver, Colorado to start our life as newlyweds. During our time in Denver our love of the exploring the outdoors grew and our faith as well. In 2021, we packed up our lives, and our cat, Mia, and moved to Washington with a group starting a church. Our church community is our family here in Washington, a great mix of all life stages and family sizes. We are very active in this community and trust our future children will be welcomed in as well as have many friends.

According to Clay, Melissa has the biggest heart out of anyone he knows. She cares so much about people and has dedicated her professional and personal life to helping others. As a physical therapist she is able to help people during what can be a hard time life. In church community she leads women and has a desire to watch them grow. Melissa can also be found outside gardening, biking and relaxing by the pool with friends on a sunny day. He cannot picture life without Melissa. She is his number one fan and encourages him in all that he does. He says their love grows for each other with every passing year and he cannot wait to see how Melissa can extend that love to a child. 

According to Melissa, Clay is her best friend and she is convinced he is the best person to do life with. He is loyal, a hard worker, and is constantly growing. Clay is a man of many skills and hobbies and is the champion of knowing random facts. In her eyes it seems he can learn how to do anything. As soon as he is done working from home each day, he is outside working in the yard, going for a run, or learning how to work on his car. He enjoys electronics, reading and biking as well. Clay has always desired to adopt and sees it as an opportunity to live out his faith. She knows he is excited to become a father and cannot wait to be parenting alongside him.

Our 14 years together have been filled with adventures, challenges, joys and leaps of faith. We are excited to journey into parenting together. Thank you for making such a loving choice in considering an adoption plan for your child. We have so much respect for you and are honored you would consider us to be a part of this plan. Know that you are loved and being prayed for in this decision. Thank you for taking the time to read and a bit about our life. You can read more at our website www.nwadopts.com. 


With Love, Clay & Melissa