July 2024


When I met Cody, I was a single mom to a precious little boy. JW was only 5 years old. Throughout our relationship Cody and JW’s bond grew. Cody took JW as his own. He loved him, taught him things, he went to every soccer game, he showed up for our son at his karate tournament,  he supported him in everyway a dad should.
One day JW came to me when he was 10 years old and said “Mom I want the same last name and you guys. I want to know if Cody can adopt me ” I did lots of research because we have never done something like this. It was all new territory.  The bio dad has never met our son so I knew he would sign off on the adoption. 
I learned about Mark Iverson when I did a Google search for adoption attorneys.  They were quick to respond, super nice, they made the process so easy, there was no stress and they got it done fast. We couldn’t thank them enough for all they have done for us. Because of them, JW  now has our last name, Cody has been his dad but this made it legal and official. We couldn’t be happier.