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Deg and Sita


Our names are Sita & Deg, and we have been a married couple for about 9 years. We both work at the healthcare field. We live in Spokane, Washington. We bought our house especially with child in mind. We love gardening and growing vegetables in the backyard. We have a lot of public parks nearby our house for the children to enjoy and play. We have a foster baby with us now, whom we lovingly placed in our home when he was just 8 days. Now our love of life is 19 months, and we came to know that he is going back to his mother pretty soon. Our plan was to foster to adopt, but it didn’t go that way. We have a good relation with the mother and always hope to see our baby grow in future. 

Our home is full of love, care and secured with confidence, and run by life’s peace and joy. Any child we welcome into our home will be surrounded by so much love and support by all the people in our lives. We hope to expose our child to all kinds of cultures and to travel together and see different parts of the world. 

We send you best wishes and much love and support. Thank you for considering us in your search to find the right family for you.