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Clint and Carla


We are Clint & Carla Ackerman, we are hoping to continue to grow our family through adoption. We know that words cannot express the immense love between parents and their children. We don’t pretend to understand how difficult this chosen path is for you, but please know that we acknowledge the weight of your decision and although we don’t yet know one another, we have been praying for you. Our hearts go out to you and we admire your love, strength and courage for considering the path of adoption.

We met 19 years ago as a couple of young, fun-loving and carefree college kids, and since that time our lives have been quite eventful and fulfilling, to say the least!  We are both pretty laid back people who like to laugh, be silly and have fun. We take things as they come and try not stress too much about things that are out of our control. We have known joy through the adoption of our son, Asher.  He is the light of our life and the light through the struggle of infertility and failed IVF attempts. But through all of our ups and downs, we remain hopeful.

We were both raised in the Salt Lake Valley. We have been so incredibly fortunate that Clint works from home every day doing Quality Support for the government. Clint also loves that he has the ability to hit one of the many trails near our house on lunch break or even go for a quick run.  It is also incredibly helpful that Carla works with clinicians and volunteers at a local hospice. Carla enjoys volunteering in the community and in her son’s class room.  We are actively involved with our son’s school, swimming, soccer and wrestling. Giving us the opportunity to watch him grow and learn, and be apart of major moments in his life. We really enjoy doing activities as a family in and outdoors. 

We live in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah in a very family friendly community that we absolutely LOVE!

We are a 5-15-minute drive away from both sides of our families. We love spending time with our families on vacations to the coast, weekends camping, fishing, having BBQ’s, attending kid soccer games, birthdays, and holidays. It is so great seeing all the cousins play together, forming those special relationships, and making memories that they will always remember.

We know that it is not by chance that you have chosen our profile, and our heart’s desire is that you feel a connection with us as you read this and get a glimpse into our lives. Our hearts, home, families, and friends are all waiting with open arms for another little one to arrive into this world and into our lives. We pray that whatever decision you make that your heart will be filled with peace and that you will be blessed with love, strength, and courage each and every day. We are so thankful for your brave decision and selfless attitude.

We absolutely cannot WAIT to meet you and learn more about you and your family! It is our hope that we can be an answer to your prayers, as you are an answer to ours. https://ackermansjourney.wixsite.com/mysite