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Hello, my name is Jenny and I am so very grateful for your time to learn about my life. Although I am single and do not yet have children, I have an amazing network of family members and friends who support me in my decision to adopt and raise a child. With an open heart, strong spirit, and unwavering commitment, I am ready and eager to share all of the ups and downs, bumps and bruises, little moments along the way, as are all the people in my life! I am so eager and excited to become a mother, to share love and laughter, good, bad, teaching and education, responsibility, love and faith, kindness and consideration. I am ready to share love and laughter, good, bad, teaching and education, responsibility, love and faith, kindness and consideration… Share the world, laughter, pets, holidays & the story of their life!  I love the outdoors, hiking, skiing (water & snow), cooking, reading, building, sewing, shopping, crafting, learning, traveling, laughter with family and friends, games & memories.

I live a mile away from my niece and nephew, and spend time with them doing so much fun stuff. I’m godparents to two other children, love to help them even with their homework on the phone! My family takes an annual fishing trip to Alaska all together, we go camping and hunting together, we spend a week every summer in the San Juan Islands together too. My extended group of family, are my friends, and we are all airline people, kids from infants to 14 years old, we go camping, boating, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, traveling the world together and sharing all the ups and downs that life, jobs, family, home ownership can provide to you! I love the people in my life and I can’t wait to share this amazing world with a child.

For more information and pictures, etc-please see my website to hopefully get to know me better..

JennyAdoption.com or email me Jenny.adoption@gmail.com

Call 888-999-2810/ call or text 360-362-7868

Thank you! 

My Promises to You…

  • I would love your child completely and wholly for who they are at each moment and every stage.
  • I will be there for all of the memories big and small in creating a fulfilling life.
  • I will provide an education both rich in traditional schooling and in exploring adventures around the world.
  • I promise that there will be animals in his or her life from dogs to horses, bunnies, to cows, kittens to even a hamster.
  • I will teach him or her to be responsible, capable and kind.
  • I will be there for the moments big and small, the bumps and bruises, to kiss the knees and foreheads, and mend the heart when wounded.
  • I promise to share a face with your child that gives him or her a foundation of love and brings hope whenever needed.
  • I promise to share and honor your love, strength and gift that is the story of their adoption.
  • I promise to keep them healthy, happy, engaged, safe, and surrounded by so many others who are there to love and cheer them on each step of the way.