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Aaron and Alexandria


Hi! We are Aaron and Alex from northwest Montana!  We are a loving husband and wife team who love adventures and we are praying for the opportunity to become first time parents through open adoption!

We have been married for almost eight years and can honestly say that our love for each other grows stronger with each passing year.  We are both active and outgoing people with a passion for the outdoors and all it has to offer.  

As a couple we love to camp as much as possible!  We love to hike, ride our bikes on dusty mountain trails (or down the road to get ice cream), playing in rivers or lakes with our kayaks or paddle boards, building or refurbishing pieces of furniture and road tripping!  We love visiting new places, especially National Parks and taking family camp trips or even several trips to Spokane so we can go to Trader Joes and visit with friends in the area.

Aaron is a project manager for a local commercial sign company and has been there for ten years.  He loves working outdoors and with his hands!  He loves to ski, hike, camp, read by a lake, napping like a professional (anywhere), cars and playing golf.  He is so excited to teach our future child how to ski!

Alex has been a speech therapist for three rural schools for the last six years.  She loves being in the education field as she is a natural born teacher.  She loves photography, wildlife watching, hiking peaks, gardening, raising chickens for eggs, cooking over an open fire and painting.

We have a large house that is just waiting for the beautiful chaos of parenthood.  Our house is the central meeting place for several neighborhood children over school breaks.  Because Alex’s work schedule follows the school calendar, she is able to stay home and watch our nephew and go on adventures. We also have two dogs who are both Australian Shepard/Black Labs who are our fur babies (they think they are human babies).  They both have unique personalities and love children!  Our seven chickens are a wild mix.  They like to chase bugs in the yard and sneak into the garden and steal veggies!

We are so excited at the possibility of becoming parents for the first time!