FAQs for Birth Mothers

How Do I Go About Choosing a Family For My Baby?

We would meet with you confidentially and learn what type of family you are hoping to find for your baby. You would be presented with a link to a digital profile from couples who hope to adopt. The profile describes the couples' interests, values, and what they hope to offer a child. You can view our approve families here.

Once you select a couple, you choose whether you would like to meet them. Contact between you and the adoptive couple during your pregnancy would be completely up to you. 

The Father Is Not in the Picture. Do I Need to Let Him Know That I Would Like to Place My Baby for Adoption?

Yes. The father must be given notice. It will be necessary to have him sign a consent for adoption. If he refuses to do so it will be necessary to terminate his rights involuntarily. If the birth father is unknown or his whereabouts are unknown, notice is published in a newspaper.

How Are Medical and Other Expenses Related to the Pregnancy Paid?

The adoptive parents pay all medical expenses not covered by insurance or Medicaid. They also pay any expenses related to the pregnancy and any attorney fees and court costs. There is no cost to you. 

Does My Family Need to Be Involved in My Decision to Place My Baby for Adoption?

No. Your family does not need to know about your adoption plan. This is your confidential decision. 

What Happens When the Baby Is Born? Do I Spend Time with the Baby If I Want Too? When Does the Baby Go with the Adoptive Family?

When the baby is born, you may spend as much time with the baby as you choose. When the baby is released from the hospital, the baby usually goes home with the adoptive family. 

Will I Be Able to Have Contact with the Baby in the Future?

Yes. You may enter into what is called an open adoption agreement. That agreement usually allows letters and pictures with updates telling you how the child is doing. The agreement may also allow visits.

Confidential Meeting To Discuss Your Options

Contact us today to request a confidential meeting to discuss your options and learn how our office can support you in making a decision to place your baby with a loving family.