Approved Families

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Alex and Kaci

Alex, Kaci & Simon.  We started as high school sweethearts in our small farming town and after we married and finished our last year of college, we returned to the family ranch in Odessa, WA to start a family.  We came out of the other side of infertility with our son, Simon, born in 2012; but we both have siblings and would love to have more children. 

Alex was raised on the family cattle ranch where he became a hard-working man, with a deep love for creatures of all shapes and sizes.  In his down time, he enjoys playing basketball on our local town team and teaching Simon to love the ranching life.

Kaci is a stay-at-home mom to Simon.  She stays busy on the ranch with chickens, gardening and running.  As far as community work, she is deeply invested in their local church, teaching Sunday School, participating in the worship team, and directing the community Vacation Bible School.   

Both sets of grandparents live in Odessa, as well as Alex’s brother and five great grandparents.  We get together with family quite often and are very close.  Because we were both raised here, we have many friends and a large support circle – who would, alongside of us, love to welcome your child into our home and family.  



Bob and Jessica

Bob and Jessica lead a very active and fulfilling life with their two children, twins, Robbie and Sidney. Having their twins was, to date, the best surprise of their lives. Both children cannot wait to be a big brother and a big sister. Daily, Robbie and Sidney ask when they will get to teach, read, and play with a younger sibling. However, they are most excited to cuddle!

Our family lives on the middle of our family farm. We built our home above the Snake River breaks. We have a large extended family. We built our home to handle many family gatherings. We wanted our home to be full of love and laughter. We feel we have accomplished this, but we are missing just one small piece: a third baby to bring home!

 Bob is a Physical Education teacher and a High School Assistant Basketball Coach. This is his 20th year as a teacher. During this time he has been a strong role model for many children. His hobbies include taking his kids, nieces and nephews, and cousins hunting. He likes to go camping, fishing, shooting, gardening, playing with his children, and supporting our local basketball team. Most importantly Bob is a GREAT father. He is ALWAYS there for his children no matter what the circumstance may be. His favorite time is in the evening when he can snuggle and read to his children.

 Jessica is a High School Social Studies teacher. She has taught at our local high school for the past ten years. She loves being a mom to her twins. She cannot wait for the day when she has three children to love. Her hobbies include cooking for the many family and friends who come through her front door, camping, quilting, reading, and hiking. Most importantly, she loves to watch and guide her children as they grow.  Family and family time is extremely important to Jessica.

As a family we are WSU Cougar fans. We like to attend both football and basketball games. We are very active in the outdoors. We enjoy gardening, camping, hiking, playing in the river and time with our dogs, and our horse. We spend a lot of time with our family and friends.

If you choose us for your child they will grow up in a loving and supportive home. Family is important to us and we are important to them. Your child can participate in many activities such as library time, T-Ball, Basketball Camps, Church Camp and many more!

Thank you for considering us!


Kevin and Lena

Hello! We are Kevin and Lena  from Othello, Washington. We have been married for almost 12 years and enjoying living near plenty of family.  We have always hoped to use adoption to expand our family.

We have been blessed with four beautiful children whom we love and adore. After the birth of our last child three years ago, we both couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was missing.  Which is weird when you already have four, right?!  I had some difficult pregnancies which did not make another one an option so we have turned to adoption.  We know there is someone out there that belongs here and that will love having a big family full of noise and adventure.

Kevin works on the family dairy and processing plant with his brothers and dad where they bottle and sell milk and other dairy products.  There is also a family farm that is full of tractors, hay bales, and lots of manure.  Our kids love feeding the cows out there and playing with all the farm cats. It has been a great place to raise our family.

Lena works a few days a month at our local hospital as a registered nurse.  She primarily stays at home with the children but picks up a few shifts here and there.  She particularly loves labor and delivery nursing and helping families adjust to new babies.  She spends most days shuttling children to piano lessons and keeping everyone’s routines running smoothly.

Isak, (10), loves reading, Minecraft, legos, and board games. He is a great big brother and happens to LOVE babies. Lucy, (8), is our outgoing, friendly girl who likes to draw, play the piano, and sing.  Edyn, (5), is our fiery daughter who keeps us on our toes. She loves all thing sea life, asking incessant questions, and science.  Quinn, (3), is our sweet boy who loves nerf darts and trucks.  He is ALL boy and loves to jump, run, and play in the dirt.

We cannot begin to imagine what a difficult process this is for you but we hope you will consider us in your adoption. We love being parents and having a big family and are so excited for the next one.  


Clariese & Jeffrey

Hello!  We are Clariese and Jeffrey.  We've been together over 8 years, married 5 years and live in Spokane.  We would be honored to share this journey with you. 

We have a great desire to care for and love a child, protecting and nurturing and helping them thrive in this world, filling them with wonder and the ability to meet any challenge and be the best person they can be.  As the saying goes: it takes a village to raise a child and we have friends and family surrounding and supporting us.  Will you let us support you during this time too?

Jeffrey works outside the home as a meteorologist and he enjoys writing, photography and really anything creative.  Clariese works at home, creating art and jewelry, as well as a children's party planning business.  She enjoys reading, gardening, canning and jogging. We both enjoy the Pacific Northwest, from the coastal shores to the northern Rockies, hiking and exploring and experiencing new foods and places.  

  We are ready to build our lives around a child.  There can be no greater love.

Learn more about us at:



Jeff and Kasey

Jeff and Kasey met in the summer of 2002 and were married two years later. They just celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.  They own a home in Spokane, Washington and run a successful plumbing business together. 

Jeff and Kasey enjoy traveling together.  They enjoy camping and spending time on the lake in their boat.  They enjoy being active but also like to spend time together at home watching movies and playing with their two dogs, Jim and Jasmine. 

Family is very important to Jeff and Kasey.  They have a close relationship with Kasey’s family who also live in Spokane.  They share a lot of fun family traditions together.  They are also close to Jeff’s Dad and Step-mom who live in Lodi, California.  They visit as much as possible and stay close by keeping in touch over the phone.

Jeff and Kasey dream of the day that they will be able to experience the joy of raising a child together.  They are very excited about making that dream come true through adoption.  Their family has so much love and support to share with a little one.  If you would like to learn more about their family, please visit their profile at

Christin and Eric

Christin and Eric have been together for 12 years and married for 6 of those. Christin describes herself as organized, helpful, and loyal. She is an office manager for an orthodontist, she loves being home cooking, gardening, watching sports and simply hanging out with my dogs. The more adventurous side of her enjoys boating, golfing, snowmobiling, camping, and road trips. Eric is described as kind, funny, and a great listener. He manages their business from home most of the time. His hobbies include working on cars, snowmobiling, boating, and pretty much anything that includes motors. He enjoys watching football and NASCAR.

 For the last few years the topic of children has continually found its way into their evening conversations. After suffering infertility issues and that IVF was not the path for them, they decided adoption was the way they planned to grow their family.  They are both ecstatic at the chance of being able to give a child a good stable home to be raised in that is full of unconditional love. They are looking forward for that extra time being filled with birthday parties, school events, sports practices, and playdates and family nights. They can’t imagine their life turning out any other way.

We can’t wait to begin this next chapter of our life and start our family! We admire your strength and love in considering adoption for your child. We want to thank you for taking the time to stop and read our profile.

Matt and Sherri

Posted: Aug 21, 2015

Matt and Sherri are excited to embark on the journey of finding and adopting a daughter.

Matt is a hard working, adventurous, and loving family man. With his job  he is able to work from home  which allows him to attend all of the boys school and sporting events. 

Sherri is a stay at home  mother, a director of a non-profit organization- Preemie Prints, a childcare provider for a toddler, and an active volunteer in her children’s classrooms.

Matt and Sherri have two loving sons, Tyler and Caiden. Tyler is ten years old and loves to play soccer, read, play Minecraft  and ride his 4-wheeler. Caiden is almost 8 years old. He loves to play many different sports, read, play games  with the family and ride his dirt bike.

Grandma Jeanette lives with Matt, Sherri, Tyler, and Caiden in their home  and is a loving family member. She enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and taking care of the family garden. As a family, they all enjoy hiking, camping, boating, and snowboarding. 

Read more about the Crum family.


Andy and Kellie

Posted: Jun 24, 2015

Andy and Kellie have been married since 2011. They have  known since day 1 that adoption would be the avenue they would need to use inorder  to have children. They love kids and have multiple friends that are either adopted or have adopted children in their families. They live in a comfortable home set on 28 acres located out in the country. Andy and Kellie have very supportive parents, siblings, and friends who are all looking forward to a welcome addition to the family.  

Andy and Kellie enjoy many outdoor activities including, 3-D archery shoots, walking, camping, and fishing. They also enjoy singing, playing games together, spending time with their nephews and nieces, and spending time with extended family and friends. 

Andy is a self-employed hardwood floor installer/refinisher/ woodworker . Kellie says, “Andy is the most honest, gentle man you could ever meet. He is a very loving and devoted husband and friend. Andy puts himself completely into whatever he is doing. I know he’ll put the same love, focus and effort into fatherhood.”

Kellie gives lessons for piano, guitar and mandolin. She loves music and has a collection of about 10 different instruments. Andy says, “Kellie likes to take care of her loved ones and is a wonderful wife and my best friend . I know she will always be there for our child and will love him/her unconditionally.”

“We have a very happy marriage, a deep faith in God and love our life in the country. We would be so happy to share this wonderful life with a child.” 


Bruce and Kellie

Posted: Mar 31, 2015

“We are a family that enjoys working and playing to life’s fullest.”

Together, Bruce, Kellie, and their 8-year-old son, Charlie, “enjoy playing all year round fishing, swimming, skiing, sledding, horseback riding, bike riding and camping.” Bruce and Kellie married in 2006, two years later they adopted their son Charlie. They describe Charlie as an “amazing young boy who is outgoing and spirited.” He enjoys playing sports and playing with animals. Bruce and Kellie enjoy being parents and love having Charlie. They are hoping to expand their family through the means of adoption again.

Bruce and Kellie live on the family farm. Bruce is the 5th generation farmer in his family to farm the 1600 acre farm. He enjoys the flexibility it brings as well as being able to “teach” Charlie about “machinery, soils, crop production and animals. Bruce is a hard worker, a family man and a loyal individual. He will go out of his way “to be there for his wife and son.”

Kellie currently works in a local childcare center as a childcare worker. She enjoys her job working with children and appreciates that it can be flexible and she can bring her own children to work with her. Kellie and Bruce are both active in their local Methodist Church. Kellie spends a lot of her free time organizing and facilitating Sunday school programs at their church.

Bruce, Kellie and Charlie are an active family. In addition to farming grains, they also have chickens, goats, cats, a dog and a horse.

“Family is very important and the second priority only to God.”

Read more about Bruce and Kellie. 


Shawn and Jessica

Posted: Mar 30, 2015

“We are excited to have been given the chance to be parents through this amazing [adoption] opportunity that we consider a gift.”

Shawn and Jessica are an active couple hoping to become parents through the means of adoption. “We want to be parents.” They have been married for four years and have known one another much longer. Shawn and Jessica live in a nice home that sits on an acre. Their home is in a good, family oriented neighborhood, surrounded by parks, schools, pools, walking and biking trails. “Our dream is to give our child a loving environment where he or she can grow up in a home filled with structure, stability, laughter and lots of love.”

Shawn was adoption when he was 14-years-old, “my experience was a positive one and I hope to share this with out future child.” Shawn is an auto-technician and manager of the family owned auto shop. He is a hard worker who is driven and likes to stay busy. He enjoys his job, yet enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends even more. Shawn enjoys working on his hot rod, snowmobiling, camping, boating and sports. He is a family oriented man who is passionate and wants to “make a difference” in people’s lives.

Jessica is a Certified Medical Assistant and really enjoys her job. She likes to be able to “give back” to others. Jessica enjoys having family and friends over to their home, as she likes to cook and bake for others. Jessica also enjoys boating, camping, and spending time with family and friends. Jessica is a loving, caring and happy individual.

Shawn and Jessica have a wonderful support system in their close family, friends and extended family. All of who cannot wait for Shawn and Jessica to become parents.

“We think that through adoption we will get the biggest gift we will forever be grateful for.”