Adoption of the Month -September 2015

My wife and I were empty nesters. Though I was previously married and had three children my wife never had the opportunity to be involved in the child rearing process. At 47 years of age and due to a surgery conception was just not possible.  We kicked around the idea of adoption prior to marriage but we were so excited about our relationship that the idea of adoption seemed to just fade away.  We were so happy with our independence and with where we both were in our lives. 


My wife is deaf and I speak fluent sign language.  We are involved in the Deaf Ministry at a Church in north Spokane.  It was through this class that we met Roxanne and her grandmother Sandra. Over the course of several months these two individuals became very dear to us.  We learned about Roxanne’s background and her present living conditions.  Roxanne had been involved in another adoption process that came to a quick end.  She had been to boarding school and was living with grandparents that do not speak her language.  Roxanne like my wife is deaf.  Raised without a father in the home and having a mother that passed away when she was just ten years old Roxanne was in desperate need for people who could communicate with her in her native language and demonstrate and teach the kind of life skills she will need for future success.

She has been with us less than a year and it is such a blessing to see her grow up and become a contributing part of our family.     


For us, we did not anxiously pursue a child to adopt.  In a roundabout way this young woman came to us.  For us we saw this process as a God ordained event. The door of opportunity presented itself and we simply said yes. 

We heard about Mark Iverson through Roxanne’s grandmother.  Sandra had some experience with Mark’s team in the past with another adoption process.  Marks team kept us very informed every step of the way and were available for any questions as they came up.  I suspect that Marks office has been through this process many, many times and few things will catch them by surprise.  I felt very confident that Mark’s office was moving this process along toward the legal adoption stage as we had requested.  We were very satisfied with their efforts throughout the entire process. 


People can busy themselves with a wide variety of activities.  There is no doubt a certain amount of pleasure in a plurality of hobbies.  Few things can compare though with the investing of our futures in the lives of the next generation.  With so many in need, we have the opportunity to make this world a better place one person at a time.  My strengths as a father of three, now adult children have been a good fit with my wife who can relate to Roxanne in ways I will never be able to.  In less than a year Roxanne has made significant progress in her signing ability and is well on her way to becoming a young woman who will eventually touch the lives of many who cross her path.  My wife and I chuckle at the childlike perspective she still has and believe that in the future, as she matures, Roxanne will surprise us all with what she is actually able to accomplish in life.

We have been so blessed to have her as part of our family, antics included.