Adoption of the Month - September 2014


My name is Aimee and my husband is Josh, we have three children; Madeline who is 16, Liam who is 13 and Oliver is our youngest at 5 years old.  Josh grew up in Ellensburg but moved to Spokane to attend law school at Gonzaga.   I grew up in Colville, Washington but have lived in Spokane for the last 18 years.  I also attended Gonzaga School of Law.

Adoption is something that our family is intimately familiar with as I was adopted and as were all three of my siblings.  When Josh and I met, Oliver was only one and half years old.  Oliver’s birthfather was not involved in Oliver’s life.  Josh stepped into that role with his whole heart.  He loved Oliver as his own since he became a part of our family and the decision to formalize that through the adoption process was a natural decision.  Additionally, it was important to secure Josh’s legal right to continue to raise Oliver in the event that something happened to me.

Our adoption story is probably a bit different than most; a step-father adopting a child.  But, it has been the best decision we have made and was in Oliver’s best interest.  The only thing I would share is to keep your mind, heart, and focus on what is important.  It may be easy to become angry or upset at the biological parent who is signing away their parental rights, but that is not what matters.  What is important is securing the future for your family and your child.

Working with Mark Iverson was a breeze.  During our adoption process we had to wait for a couple of months before finalizing the adoption due to other factors.  Mark and his staff were both understanding and patient.  Mark brings a unique understanding to the adoption process, having adopted children himself.  He understands what an important decision this is for the adoptive family and is professional and committed to his clients. 

In our situation, Josh adopting Oliver was symbolic of what had always been there; Josh’s love and acceptance of Oliver as his own child.  The adoption was simply a legal and formal expression of that reality.  The adoption gave Josh the legal right to claim Oliver as his son and that was important.