Adoption of the Month - September 2013

I became part of the kids’ lives back in 2005 when Kaleb was 1 year old and Hannah was 7.   From the beginning the 4 of us had a special bond and Hannah always treated me as her Dad and they couldn’t wait for the day that they would be able to call me Dad and mean it.

In 2008 after Lisa and I got married Hannah could not wait to legally have her last name changed.  Prior to learning about adoption and the services Mark Iverson had to offer Lisa and me formally changed Hannah and Kaleb’s last name.  I have always treated and loved the kids as if they were biologically my own and that’s how we have always treated it and the kids have never looked at me as their “step dad”.   The day that we told Hannah that Mom and I were getting married she was so excited and started crying with joy and said “Now I can change my name and call you Dad”.    We wanted to complete the adoption and have it legal and formalized that the kids were now truly my kids and for the kids it made them feel that we were now a complete family.

When we first made the decision to adopt initially we decided to handle the adoption on our own but then realized that that was no easy task.   Lisa learned about Mark Iverson and his services and with a little research and one simple phone call we had the adoption finalized within a matter of a few weeks.  If we had known that it was going to be such a smooth simple process working with Mr. Iverson and his office we would have never attempted to try to go through the adoption process on our own.

Mark and his office staff were all extremely pleasant and helpful to work with.  I would recommend to anyone who is looking to adopt to contact Mr. Iverson and his office.   Again, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful and they made it a very happy and positive experience that will last us and our family a lifetime.

Adoption has enriched our lives more than we could ever imagine.     The two best decisions I made in my life were marrying my wife Lisa and adopting Hannah and Kaleb.   It has brought a joy to our house as well as the security of knowing that they are my kids, and the kids know that I am their Dad and will be there for them for whatever they need as they grow and make their journey into adulthood.    This adoption has truly been a blessing for me, Lisa, Hannah and Kaleb as well as our families.