Adoption of the Month - September 2012


Pete and I met 11 years ago at a busy hospital in Spokane.  We dated for 3 years and got married.  It has always been our dream to raise a family of our own.  Both of our immediate families live within 2 hours of us. We are always with family and friends.  We enjoy the outdoors, especially summer where you will find us on a boat or a dock enjoying the sun and water.  In the winter we enjoy skiing and snowboarding. We knew that getting pregnant on our own was out of the question which led us to three rounds of Inviter that failed.  We quickly realized that adoption was what was meant to be for us.  We took a year’s break from anything and decided to do some research into adoption.  Had we known that we could get a newborn, we probably would’ve gone straight with adoption rather than trying in Vitro. That it’s the most wonderful, amazing journey they will ever embrace.  We have been so blessed with baby Parker.  He has brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined.  We were always reluctant about OPEN adoption but it, too, has been an AMAZING blessing. We have become family with the birthmother and her mother.  We couldn’t imagine having a child any other way.  Adoption was meant for us… no doubt.  Parker was in the plan long ago Mark has been wonderful with us. We had a lot of questions going into this and he was always by his phone or quickly answering our emails.  If he was busy, he made it a point to get back to us and it eased our burdens tremendously.  He knows his stuff and it completely shows.  At the beginning, the birthfather refused to sign the paperwork and Mark told us to proceed with caution.  He never sugar coated anything which we liked and appreciated.  It all turned out in the end, thank goodness, but we were cautious and very well aware of what could have happened. Adoption has been completely amazing.  Having Parker has made Pete and I better people because of it.  We trusted in the FUTURE. We trusted in what would and could happen.  We brought Parker home on Mother’s Day out of ALL days.  There were so many amazing, ironic moments in the two short months following our match.  Parker has completed our family… he is definitely the missing link that has been waiting to be filled for a long time.  He is just like us, acts like us; he is truly the perfect fit.  We feel completely blessed and are beside ourselves because of our journey.