Adoption of the Month - October 2014

My wife Gala and I have been married for 19 years and had two children before we adopted Cheyanne.  Jacob who is 18 and going to Spokane Falls community College and Sarah who is 13 and going to Salk middle school.  We have been extremely active in our children’s activities, hockey for Jacob and Gymnastics for Sarah.  Cheyanne has been a wonderful addition to our family adding energy, like only a 4 year old can.

Cheyanne was our niece before she became our Daughter.  At 3 years old she was dropped off at our home with no place to live, dirty and non-verbal.  It broke our hearts to see her that way and Gala vowed to not let her go back.  The kids and I quickly agreed.  When people find out that we adopted Cheyanne, they always commend us for it.  I give them the same response each time.  “If she had shown up on your door the way she showed up on ours, you would have adopted her too.”  We as a family have faith that good people will do good things.

The adoption journey can take time and working with the state system can be a complicated process.  My advice would be to have patience with the system.  The social workers have tons of rules and laws to follow, not all of them seem reasonable, but they are all designed to make sure that the child is not going from a bad situation to a worse one.

I can’t say enough about Mark Iverson.  The social workers love him!!!!!!  If the people who navigate this maze of red tape everyday love him, why would you go anywhere else?  He simplified the process and was extremely easy to work with.  He even went so far as to ask Cheyanne if she was a Princess.  She responded that she was a Mermaid and on the day of adoption he told the Judge that he had his first Mermaid and she had found her new family.

Adoption has enhanced our lives in so many ways, but perspective is the most important.  You don’t have any choice about who brings you into this world and for the first 18 years those people control your fate.  In many cases that fate is not good and those children need help to get their life back on track.  It is easy to go through life and not pay attention to those kids, out of sight out of mind.  Adopting Cheyanne has not only saved a wonderful little life but given our family a whole new view of life and children who may be less fortunate.