Adoption of the Month - October 2012

Ron and I (Stephanie) have been married for 13 years. We live north of Spokane on a small hobby farm.  We have 2 biological children (1girl & 1 boy). We have also adopted 4 children (1girl and 3 boys) out of foster care. Our kids are Meggie (10), Eli (9), Mollie (6), Sylas (4), Braxton (3) & Jayce (1).  We enjoy participating in activities at our church, attending all our kids’ sporting events and raising chickens and goats on our farm.  We have a large extended family as we each have 5 siblings.  Our family also includes 5 other adopted children as well.  

We have talked about adoption since before we were married but waited to pursue this avenue. Our oldest daughter was born with Down syndrome and after the birth of our son 2 years later we were unable to have any more children.  It became increasingly clear at this point, it was time to look seriously into adopting. With our experience raising a child with special needs, we thought it would make us a good choice for higher needs/harder to place kids in foster care, and be a good opportunity to raise another special needs child alongside our daughter.  This didn’t quite happen, as all of our adopted kids are considered typically functioning.

The foster adoption process can be long and difficult.  It is sometime heartbreaking, but everything worth having is worth the journey you must take to get it.  Our kids are such a blessing that the time it took to get them is hindsight.  Keep pressing on as this too, can and will happen for you.  The kids who enter your care all need you for a time.  That time may be short or forever, but the right ones will be the ones who stay.

Working with Mark Iverson was the easiest and best part of the adoption process.    Someone is always available to take or return your call.  Mark and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about the process and all of the steps needed to finalize the adoption process.  They also were very accommodating to our needs as a family while getting the scheduling done, and our children were welcome during the whole process.

Without adoption our family would have been complete with 2 kids.  Because of adoption we have added greatly to our family and experienced life at levels we couldn’t have comprehended.  We are so grateful for our adopted kids and the joy they bring to our home. With 6 kids there is never a dull moment and always a friend to play with or help you feed the animals.