Adoption of the Month November 2015

For many years I have been a director in a childcare facility in Spokane, Washington. There is something in a child's heart and soul that just makes my life a treasure. Throughout the many years of working in childcare I have grown close to many families and have fallen in love with many children. Childcare has always been my passion and I strive to make a difference in every life I enter.

In February of 2014 a foster mother walked into the facility where I worked, looking for childcare for her two foster kids. She was very cautious and not sure what to expect as her children had never been in daycare. There was an instant chemistry between myself and the foster mother and soon she made the decision to enroll the children. These two amazing children had been through some very harsh and difficult things and they needed lots of love and compassion and support. I quickly grew very close to the family and offered as much support as I could for them. Circumstances beyond anyone's control happened and the little boy was removed from the home and placed at Sally's House. The foster mom and his case worker both knew I had formed a strong bond with this little boy and hinted to me that I should talk with my wife about taking him into our home as a placement. Within a short period of time he was placed in a new foster home and they too chose to bring him to the daycare where I worked. By this time my wife decided to volunteer at the daycare to see what I found so rewarding in this very difficult field.

Once again I formed a bond with the foster family and the little boy and I became even closer. Within a very short amount of time the foster family asked for him to be removed from their home, and before I knew it he was back at Sally's House. I prayed every day that the NEW foster family would walk in with him but it didn't happen. I did, however, keep in contact with the first foster mother who still had placement of his sister. When I called to see if she knew how he was doing she said that we could still take the placement option. My wife and I then decided to get ahold of the case worker; it was almost like she knew we were going to call. In no time at all our paperwork was started and complete and we had a pick up day for August 6, 2014 from Sally's House. My wife picked up Jaime from Sally's House at 8am that day. His caseworker had told him that he was going to stay with FeeFee (myself) and Mo (my wife) and he was very excited.

From the very moment he came HOME it was like he just belonged with us. As we continued to grow a strong family bond with this amazing little boy, we soon learned that we were being given the option of adoption. There was no question if this was meant to be or not.  We all realized that “Everything happens for the right reason at the right time."  When we learned that adoption was an option, we contacted Jodi Felice upon the recommendation of the first foster family. I was blessed and relieved when Jodi agreed to represent our family for adoption. When I met with Jodi to sign papers I asked if Jaime could join me and Jodi replied with "Absolutely" Jodi and her staff were beyond amazing and we are so thankful she helped us complete our family. My wife and I are now the proud mothers of an amazing five year old little boy who still has contact with his siblings due to friendships that have formed through this process.  As though God planned it, one of his moms plays softball with the caseworker, whom Jaime calls his superhero because she saved him and brought him to us.